Turn off beep / bell on linux terminalWorking with the terminal using a command

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Working with the terminal using a command interface is very fast and effective way of doing stuff. But have you tried working with the terminal, listening to a music via headphones and having a terminal warning or tab-completion beep / bell turned ON at the same time? Well it can be very annoying. Listening to the PC Speaker beeps via headphones is very close to a feeling of hitting your head with a hammer. Even without headphones this beeping bell sound is very annoying.

Here are some hints on how to disable terminal beep / bell :

First try to disable a terminal tab-completion bell by editing /etc/inputrc and add / replace line: set bell-style none

You can also use the visible directive but make sure that audible is commented !
set bell-style visible set bell-style audible

This may not be all. If you are a vim / vi user the PC speaker beep will still annoy you. To turn it of temporarily type a following vim command while in vim:

:set visualbell

To tunr it off completely edit or create a .vimrc file in your home directory ( ~/ ) and add a following line:

set visualbell

If none of the above helps simply get rid of the PC Speaker beeps by removing a pcspkr module from your system. This should silence it completely:

rmmod pcspkr

If you do not want to hear that annoying beep / bell of your PC Speaker again even after system reboot do the following:

vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
and add the following line into the list:

blacklist pcspkr